There are countless things to do at Amaya Retreat, from unique getaways to exotic culinary adventures. Walking through the pine forest, you will feel like your soul is relaxed, no longer worrying about busy city activities, only a feeling of relaxation in the soul. Our concierge is always ready to serve you from meal to sleep.


With a unique Western-style design, the rooms at the resort are even more luxurious and high-class. The room receives natural light from the outside in the morning or the rain drops when the dark clouds come.

Let yourself feel comfortable and above all relax, immerse yourself in nature, and feel every breath of the mountains here.

Amaya Retreat – The place for fun and unforgettable experiences while you`re here!


With unique architecture, the space is built of stone in a luxurious Western style. The interior is made of wood and decorated in a classic style. The room includes a bedroom, a kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the green pine forest outside.In the morning, wake up and walk around the forest to breathe the fresh air, take a dip in the swimming pool on the cool balcony, and enjoy a cup of hot tea, etc.In the evening, with the light of the balcony in the room, enjoy dinner with family and friends as cosy as at home, both luxurious and unusually peaceful!


With European architectural style, the room is compact and fully equipped. The room is airy, with a balcony overlooking the mountains and forests in the distance, located in the room can also watch the beautiful natural scenery. This is an ideal place for couples and families to relax and attract people who like to live virtual in the natural mountains.


Western architectural stone bathtub, keeping the temperature for a long time as you bathe and relax. Immerse yourself in the water while capturing the natural scenery of the pine forest outside. What could be more wonderful than when soul is so relaxed and peaceful!


Every morning when you wake up in the mountains, you should meditate to calm your mind. In a cool balcony place, meditate to calm down, breathe deeply, let your soul relax, forget the troubles of life and work, and let your mind rest and relax. This is a therapy that helps you relieve stress and heal your emotions.


Yoga is an age-old practice with balance movements and postures. Yoga exercises will help you improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being, especially practicing without the natural surroundings of the Amaya mountains.When practicing, you need to combine breathing techniques, yoga poses and meditation. Every morning when you wake up, choose a cool place for yourself, take a deep breath and start your exercise. Amidst the natural space of mountains and forests combined with your yoga exercises, the effect will be doubled.


At Amaya Retreat, you can immerse yourself in the clear water of the outdoor swimming pool while enjoying the surrounding mountains.

Especially, the Four-season Swimming Pool can adjust the water temperature depending on the weather, allowing guests to enjoy a dip in the water in the summer and relax in the warm water in the winter.

In addition, an area for you and your friends and relatives to drink tea and chat is also designed next to the swimming pool.


We will deliver an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the taste of foreign cuisine that is familiar with the combination of dishes from many countries.

In each dish, the chef celebrates the regional cuisine and blends in a little creativity. The refined product is enhanced by its simplicity and served with timeless elegance.

Sitting and enjoying the unique food while watching the whole pine forest outside, the mood will be very pleasant and comfortable.


Combine your favourite destinations and plan the journey of your dreams.
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