“Enough sunshine, flowers will bloom, enough wind will turn the pinwheel, enough love and happiness will be full!”

Ending the long journey of cherishing enough love and saying “I agree!” amidst the beautiful natural scenery at Amaya Retreat resort, the couple together opened a new chapter for their happy love story.

Let us – Amaya Retreat take care of every detail for your special day. Here, only you and your lover on the green pine hill. The faint pine scent, the joyful cheers of wild mountain flowers, create a rustic feeling but no less luxurious and romantic. The hill-like wooden houses of the two friends, Squirrel and Hare, also secretly bless the couple’s love story.

On the big day, you just have to be beautiful, walking side by side with your beloved half; let Retreat take care of the things that need to be prepared for the wedding.

Joining Amaya Retreat to write a poetic love story, to make your every moment more memorable than ever.

Save the date at Amaya Retreat pine hill

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