Squirrel and Hare are best friends who, despite their contrasting personalities, share the same taste for adventure and experience. Every destination of these two friends always has the criterion: “Must be natural, airy and unspoiled, cannot be arbitrary!”

Squirrel likes high-class houses, the back against the mountain creates a feeling of stability, the view must be very wide, very green to be able to comfortably enjoy every “private” moment. Hare likes to be cozy, a little tall, it would be nice to soak in the water and watch the green nature. Their interests were different, but they still wanted to go together. Visiting everywhere in the Soc Son area, they chose Amaya Retreat. With an area of more than 10 hectares, hiding in the green pine forest is a big plus for Squirrels and Hare to decide to stop. Let’s follow them!

🐿️Squirrel quickly came to their territory, appearing in front of luxurious and classy bungalows. Each room of the Squirrel is the wooden cottage on the back of the hill.

🌰Bungalow 1 consists of 2 floors, each floor has 1 bedroom and a private balcony with an area of 26m2, has a private entrance and is next to a small swimming pool.

* P01 (Room 01U, Room 01L)

🌰Bungalow 2 is located close to the swimming pool with 2 floors including 1 living and 1 sleeping floor, with an area of 52m2.

* P02 (Room 02)

🌰Bungalow 3 and Bungalow 4, the rooms are designed similarly including 1 bedroom floor and 1 living floor with steps leading to the entrance, the area is 52m2

* P03 (Room 03)

* P04 (Room 04)

🌰Bungalow 5 is a wooden house consisting of separate bedroom and living room on the same plane, occupying a high position to capture the view of the pine forest and sky clouds,…

* P05 (Room 05)

Especially, between bungalows 3,4,5 Squirrel designed a small swimming pool to capture the spaciousness and beautiful natural scenery.

🐇Visiting all the places of Squirrel, the Hare quickly pointed his hand to the far away, where the houses in the premises of the Hare glistened nearby. If Squirrel’s bungalows are separate and next to two swimming pools, Hare’s campus is a bit more cozy. Similarly designed homes are located higher up than Squirrel’s campus.

🥕The 2-bedroom bungalow is the common name for the Hare house campus, consists of 2 floors, each floor has 1 bedroom and a private balcony, with a private entrance for each room, an area of 62m2. Just introduced, Hare just pointed hand from Bungalow 6 to Bungalow 9 with a proud and happy face.

* P06 (Room 06U, Room 06L)

* P07 (Room 07U, Room 07L)

🥕 Especially, Bungalow 8 and Bungalow 9 are somewhat more luxurious because of the extra bathtub in the bedroom next to the bed. Soak in the bathtub and watch the poetic mountain scenery from a distance through the glass window.

* P08 (Room 08U, Room 08L)

* P09 (Room 09U, Room 09L)

🥕The Hare’s campus is more unique in designing a large swimming pool next to the balconies with luxurious tables and chairs. This would be where the family would spin their pants and have intimate parties together.

🐾The two friends gave a happy smile about their own work and looked forward to welcoming their dear guests. Amaya Retreat is pleased to be a destination that increases the connection and satisfies the unique interests of each traveler. Let’s come on and experience with Amaya Retreat! Squirrel and Hare are waiting for you!

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